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Strategy Analytics: Samsung took home 95% of Q1 Android profits

I guess the typical Joe, thinks what we should perceive as gimmicky is actually very useful to them. so that will settle the battle among samsung fans and also HTC fans. from an iPhone user, having an open mind
5.SlimSoulja86(Posts: 639; Member since: 03 Nov 2011)

Strategy Analytics: Samsung took home 95% associated with Q1 Android profits
. Samsung is a massive company, I guess these people knew what these were doing. I guess individuals have made the decision which functionality is much more essential than the looks in the phone, the ones nonetheless like that "plastic". Revenue speaks regarding themselves. We don't. S4 broke your S3 sales record, and also exactly where will be HTC one? Thus allows quit complaining concerning the s4 built. so lets believe in samsung in which after they produce a decision, it is based on an investigation that they conducted

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